What is the "Counterjihad Movement?"

Islam has a strong political aspect, say counterjihadists.
There is a growing movement in Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Australia to educate the public about the political aspect of Islamic doctrine. The spokespeople of the movement assert that Islam is not only religious, but is also political (it is a system of laws). And the political aspects are beginning to influence governments with France's no-go zones, for example, or the application of Sharia law in Britain.

The counterjihad movement is an effort to make the general public aware of this because the political tenets of Islamic doctrine would remove some rights to free speech, would remove some human rights from women, and would make these Western societies less egalitarian.

This movement is criticized for seeming racist or bigoted. Counterjihadists respond to this accusation by pointing out that Islam is not a race. There are Muslims of all races. It doesn't fall under the category of "bigotry," say its proponents, but under the category of "political criticism," which is a legitimate and even necessary activity in a free society.

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